Outstanding Poster Award

Report of the Outstanding Poster Award Selection Committee

After a careful screening of all poster displayed until Wednesday, 12 September 2012, noon, the Committee agreed unanimously to give the Award to:

Poster GF 35 (EMS2012-145)
UK climate trends, as revealed by statistics for 1981-2010
by J.E.J. Eyre, D.M. Hollis, M.C. Kendon, T.P. Legg, and M.J. Prior
Met Office, Hadley Centre, Exeter, United Kingdom

The selection was based on the criteria as defined by EMS, namely:

  • Visual aspects, attractiveness;
  • Clarity/fluency to get the message to the readers;
  • Scientific quality;
  • Innovativeness of the approach;
  • Potential impacts of the results.

The optical, pictorial appearance of the poster is unique and different from any mainstream presentation: The reader is taken step-by-step in a circular clockwise (or should we – being in the northern hemisphere – better say anticyclonic?) pattern through a well laid-out sequence of climate investigations. The scientific quality is – albeit not new in climate research – of high quality. The most recent climate trends in the U.K. are clearly presented and brought into context with long-term trends. These latter are depicted in an again creative manner as frame around the primary analysis. The results are of high value for any climate-dependent medium to long term planning issues in the U.K.

The Selection Committee:

  • Ingeborg Auer, Austria
  • Sven-Erik Gryning, Denmark
  • Jean Pailleux, France
  • Rajmund Przybylak, Poland
  • Hans Richner, Switzerland (Chair)


The author(s) will receive a certificate, one registration fee waiver for the EMS&ECAM 2013 in Reading where the award will be handed over, and the poster(s) will be highlighted on the EMS website as example of Best Practice.